Chinese Almanac

February, 2017


My Chinese Almanac is everyone's smart Chinese Almanac. "Suitable to do and not to do" will based on user's interests. Humorous copywriting can make people smile everyday. I also hope this product will make youth fall in love with traditional Chinese Almanac.



但非常可惜的是,这种传统万年历也好黄历也好,都已在年轻人群中难见踪迹。人们相信科学,并且忙于学习与生活,奔波在外地。而在智能手机的浪潮下,实用的各种日历 app 更是断了传统万年历的延续。如今,也只有当我回到家乡,家中老人依然每年在用着延续几千年的万年历、黄历。

正是这些现状促使我想为传统再续 1 秒,因而有了本次概念设计。

The Chinese Almanac is the oldest ancient Chinese solar calendar. The name comes from compilers of the calendar, a man named "Wannian". Modern Chinese Almanac can also show the Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar and other sets of calendar, but also contains Tung Shing, all kinds of holidays and other functions.

But it's pity that this traditional calendar, has been difficult to see in young crowd traces. People believe in science, and are busy learning and living in a different city. In the wave of smart phones, the practical calendar app is broken the continuation of the traditional calendar. Now, only the elderly at home still use these traditional calendar.

That's why I start the project – to remind youth to remember the tradition.


在做前期调研的时候,我意外发现了一款叫「单向历」的产品,与我的很多想法不谋而合。因此我用 SWOT 分析法确定了它的优缺点,为后续的设计打下基础。SWOT 分别表示:Strengh、Weakness、Opportunity 和 Threaten。

In the pre-research, I found a product called "单向历", which is very similar to my thoughts. So I use SWOT analysis to determine its advantages and disadvantages.


通过对单向历、果壳日历等潜在竞品的观察,用户区间定在 15 至 35 岁,喜欢互联网、游戏等新鲜娱乐产品的人群。

The app user range is set at 15-35 years old – who interested in internet, game, animation, etc. And the core target is about 25 years.


结合调研,最终确定了 app 的三大基础功能,用来满足产品的设计初衷和目标用户的需求。

Combined with research, I identified the app's three basic functions, to achieve design goals and user needs.

App UI

在 UI 设计中,我摈弃了系统默认的「黑体」而使用「楷体」作为整个 app 的字体,希望在保持复古的同时又不失现代简约的美感。

I abandoned the general chinese sans-serif font, but use "Regular Scripts" as the font in this app. Because I hope to maintain the vintage while not losing the modern minimalist beauty.


用户还可以通过 app 直接购买自己定制的万年历,官方收到订单后将通过合作的印刷厂快速印刷并发货。

People can purchase their own custom calendar through the app. When we receive the order will be through the cooperation of the printing house quickly printed and shipped.