Travel Around China

November, 2018

这不是一个传统意义上的设计项目。在 2018 年 5 月开始,我进行了一场为期半年的全国旅行,趁此机会走遍了祖国的大江南北。通过本案例,我将娓娓向您介绍我做这场旅行的理由、计划、过程与收获。感谢您的浏览。

It's not a design project in traditional way. From May to November, I had a trip around all over the China for half year. This case will introduce you the reasons, routes, processes and gains of my trip. Thanks for watching.


The reason for my trip is quite simple. I am tired of monotonous urban life and want to do something different. But there are still many reasons for me to start this trip, here are some important.


When I decided to do this trip, the biggest problem was how to plan. As a designer, I decided to treat it like a design project.


I’ve walked more than 170 days on this trip and encountered so many things and people. I’ll choose a few memories here to share with my feelings.


As you can see, I went to a lot places and met many interesting people through this trip. After the end, I took time to review this whole trip, then share it to more people.