Yewen Miniprogram

November, 2020

夜问是一款通过问答来构筑人物画像的陌生人社交微信小程序,由知名产品经理 “纯银” 发起。在这个项目中,我作为视觉设计师全程参与制作。

Yewen is a social app for strangers based on question and answer to build user portraits. It was initiated by product manager “Chunying”. I participated in the entire process as a visual designer in this project, mainly responsible for interface and graphic design.


人和人之间的常态是 “多点连接”,每个人身上都有吸引到异性的多个魅力点。但在互联网上,这被抽象为一点连接——靠脸连接。虽然匹配效率高,但匹配精度极低。最后,脸缘社交也被戏称为约炮社交,但那些不想约炮,认真追求关系升级的人呢?

夜问就是一款帮助用户写好 “自我介绍” 的社交匹配工具,展示包括脸在内的多个魅力点,实现高质量的社交连接与陌生人对话。

夜问的口号是:42 个问题遇见对的人。

The normal state between people is "multi connection", and each person has multiple charm points that attract the opposite sex. But on the Internet, this is abstracted as one connection by face. Although the matching is efficient, the accuracy is extremely low. Finally, face-to-face social interaction is also jokingly called social engagement, but what about those who don’t want to date but are serious about escalating relationships?

Yewen is a social matching tool that helps users write "self-introduction", showing multiple charm points including face, and achieving high-quality social connections and dialogues with strangers.

Product slogan: 42 questions to meet right person.


创造夜问的是一个 12 人小组,分散在 8 个城市(清迈/成都/北京/上海/杭州/深圳/广州/武汉),大家都用业余时间提供支持。我们在过程中使用了多种线上协作工具,比如使用 Axure 创建原型表达交互、使用 Notion 创建文档沟通、使用蓝湖生成标注衔接设计与前端……这些工具帮助我们有组织又高效地完成远程配合。

The creator of the Yewen is a group of 12 people scattered in 8 cities (Chiang Mai, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan), everyone provides support in their spare time. We used a variety of online collaboration tools in the process, such as Axure to create prototypes to express interaction, Notion to create document communication, and Lanhu to generate annotations to connect design and front-end... These tools really help us to complete remote cooperation in an organized and efficient manner.



Users can answer the questions they are interested in to show themselves. You can also find other people's answers on the homepage and discover more interesting people. When the user likes another person, he/she will receive a notification. And you can automatically start the conversation and make further connections if he/she also likes you.



Since this is the first version, there are not too many complicated functions designed, mainly around the above gameplay. Question detail page can be entered from multiple entrances, which is an important way for users to discover others.



After communicating with the product manager, I determined that the product’s temperament is peaceful. It can give users an immersive experience, and write words sincerely, make friends sincerely.


依据目前的产品定位,这款 app 还需给人些许成熟、稳重的气质,因此我选择了开源的思源宋体作为辅助字。而在配色上,则通过模拟深夜的渐变背景色来营造强烈的氛围感,并搭配亮黄色作为主色。

According to the product positioning, this app needs to give people a little mature and stable temperament, so I chose the open source font Source Han Serif as the secondary font. In color system, the background color creates a strong sense of atmosphere by simulating the gradient of late night, with bright yellow as the main color.



这次 logo 的设计经历了两种不同方向的探索。第一种方案是场景化的设计,能够帮助用户快速理解产品的调性。另一种是从产品的内核 “有磁力的内心世界” 出发,将其抽象化、图形化。最终我们选择了第二种方案,因为它会更利于构建用户对品牌的认知,也更利于传播。

The logo design has gone through two different directions of exploration. The first solution is a scenario-based design, which can help users quickly understand the tonality of the app. The other is to start from the inside of the product, abstract and graph it. At last, we chose the second solution, it will be more conducive to building user awareness of the brand and to dissemination.




We distributed two test versions on a small scale, and all the data reached expectations, except user retention. Of course, there are many reasons for this. For example, the “leave after use” feature of WeChat Miniprogram may also be an important reason. In addition, the product itself also takes longer to accumulate content.

As for whether user portraits based on Q&A are attractive enough? Is the product's interactive model successful? ... The answers to these questions are not yet clear, and the possibility of Yewen is still being explored.